"There has never been a case in which a head of state has been involved so prominently and for such a long period in a nation's favored sport as Fidel Castro has been with baseball in Cuba." — Roberto González Echevarría. "The Pride of Havana"

No world leader has had the impact on is nation's leading pastime to the same degree that the half-century rule of Fidel Castro would produce in the baseball fanatic island of Cuba. He for the first time is the complete story of Fidel Castro's unique baseball empire built behind the Sugar Cane Curtain of the mid- and late-twentieth-century U.S-Cuba Cold War Era.

In this important and ground-breaking new work Chadwick Award Winner Peter Bjarkman establishes the baseball side of Fidel Castro's immense legacy. Covered here is the mythology of Fidel Castro as big league pitching prospect, the true of Fidel in guiding and rebuilding island baseball culture after the 1959 Communist Revolution, Fidel's success and failures at "beating the Americans at their own national game, reviews of the popular literature treating Fidel's actual and fiction life, and an insightful look at how baseball recent seeming collapse in Cuba and the flight of star players the Major League Baseball was intimately tied to Castro's health crises, departure from power (at the acme of Cuban baseball potency in early 2006) and eventual death (a decade later in late 2016).

Book Contents

Chapter 1 – “History Will Absolve Me”
Chapter 2 - Baseball's Most Outrageous Myth
Chapter 3 - Fidel and Baseball Fiction
Chapter 4 - The Infamous Barbudos Game
Chapter 5 - The Death of Cuba's Professional Baseball
Chapter 6 - The Socialist Baseball Experiment
Chapter 7 - The Other Big Red Machine
Chapter 8 - The Defectors Phenomenon
Chapter 9 - The Collapse of Cuban Baseball
Appendix I: A Fidel Castro Chronology
Appendix II: Fidel Castro Annotated Bibliography
Chapter Notes
Sources and Bibliography
The Author