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“Daring, honest, exceptional… Peter C. Bjarkman has written a must-read primer for anyone considering the truth behind Cuban baseball’s impact on Major League Baseball.” — Ray Otero
No world leader has had the impact on his nation's leading pastime to the same degree that the half-century rule of Fidel Castro would produce in the baseball fanatic island of Cuba.
“Nobody knows more about the intertwining of politics and baseball in Cuba than Peter Bjarkman ...” — Omar Minaya
"Bjarkman delivers the definitive work on Cuban baseball" — Library Journal
Pioneering bilingual editions (English and Spanish volumes) edited by Peter C. Bjarkman and Bill Nowlin and drawn from SABR Biography Project archives on legendary Cuban ballplayers. Features portraits of many of Cuba's most legendary pre- and post-revolution stars.
"Truly a triumph of research and good writing, this gem should be on the reference shelves of any library boasting a serious baseball collection." — Paul Kaplan, Library Journal
"Smoke is visual, visceral energy ... Rarely does a baseball book offer so much ..." — Sports Collectors Digest
"An unrivaled definitive history of the Latino invasion of the North American pastime." —
"A celebration of the powerful grip that America's game has on its millions of fans, and an attempt to recreate baseball history as it lives in our memory and imagination."
Pete Bjarkman also edited the popular early-1990s collection of baseball short stories entitled Baseball & The Game of Life (which appeared in both English and Japanese editions)
An ultimate guide to the top figures (on the court and off) timed for the sports collegiate centennial and also covering the first half-century of the professional game.
The composite story of American collegiate basketball, written on the occasion of the sport's centennial and later reissued in an attractive paperback edition.
Five-decade illustrated history of major league baseball's most successful and popular post-expansion-era franchise
Colorful review of one of pro basketball's most-storied franchises, focusing equally on the Russell-Cousy-Auerbach unparalleled dynasties years during the strife-torn Sixties and the rebirth of glory under Larry Bird and Robert Parrish in the Eighties and Nineties.
Early Bjarkman coffee table pictorial team history volumes include books on the Toronto Blue Jays, Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Los Angeles Dodgers (the latter pair published in the Brompton Book's "Baseball Great Dynasties Series).
A quintet (appropriately enough) of pro and college basketball volumes representing the author's free-lance work in the final decade of the 20th century, before the siren-call of baseball in Cuba.
A collection of additional baseball and basketball volumes edited by the author, plus major contributed chapters and a handful of volume "introductions" contributed over the years.
Bjarkman's several dozen SABR BioProject articles (on-line and forthcoming) are all linked here (Cuban and Japanese players). The author's Bios for Cuban big leaguers are also linked above on the separate Cuban Baseball Legends book page.
Nine early Bjarkman authored sports biographies for Young Adult Readers produced in the early and mid-1990s
The author's work has also appeared extensively in Spanish, including numerous journal articles. Several of his books have also been translated into other foreign-language editions (Japanese, French and Polish)


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"Cuando Peter Bjarkman escribe de béisbol cubano hay que leerlo." — Jorge Ebro, Miami Nuevo Herald (Spanish Language Miami Herald)

Senior Columnist for

Bjarkman began writing for during coverage of the July 2007 Pan American Games and has been the featured columnist for that leading site (writing mainly in English) for the past ten years. In addition to several hundred columns and reports over the past decade, he has provided on-the-scene coverage of the Cuban National Team at all four MLB World Baseball Classic tournaments (2006 in San Juan and San Diego, 2009 in Mexico City and San Diego, 2013 in Fukuoka and Tokyo Japan, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan), the Rotterdam World Port Tournament (2007, 2011, 2013), the Haarlem Baseball Week (2008, 2010, 2012), the IBAF World Cup (2009 in Europe, and 2011 in Panama), and the Caribbean Series (San Juan 2015). Clink photos below for links to several sample columns. Additional recent column links also appear at the top of the left-page column.

Contributing Writer for

Bjarkman joined the National Baseball Hall of Fame (sponsored) and Media Works produced website at its launching in March 2017. He serves as a Contributing Writer specializing in stories cover the past, present and future of Cuban baseball and Cuban ballplayers in MLB. Clink photos below for links to several sample columns.

Contributing Writer for THE DAILY BEAST

Bjarkman wrote several Cuba-related stories for the popular on-line journal The Daily Beast in 2014 and 2015. Those articles are list listed below, and links to Bjarkman's full story list on The Daily Beast is linked at the top of the left-page column.

"MLB's Next Giant Headache: Cuba" by Peter C. Bjarkman (published April 18, 2014)
"The baseball world is stunned by reports that Dodgers' Yasiel Puig was smuggled out of Cuba via a highly illegal human trafficking operation involving Mexican drug cartels."

"Havana Adios for a Baseball Legend" by Peter C. Bjarkman (published April 25, 2014)
"The last time Conrado Marrero pitched in the majors Eisenhower was two years into his first term. Cuba's most venerable pre-revolution baseball star and the oldest surviving big-league alumnus passed away at 103 this week in Havana."

"Can Baseball's All-Star Game be Saved?" by Peter C. Bjarkman (published July 15,, 2014)
"Major League Baseball's midsummer classis from two decades of sagging television ratings and waning fan interest. Can anything be done to revive the once-popular spectacle, and are recent innovations anything of a true salvation or merely a further death knell?"

"U.S.-Cuba Thaw Is Not So Hot for MLB" by Peter C. Bjarkman (published February 19, 2015)
"Despite rampant speculation — and lots of wishful thinking — that a host of super-talented Cuban baseball players are now about to flood U.S. shores and MLB dugouts seems more of an over-baked fantasy than a likely welcomed prospect."

Contributing Writer for BASEBALL DIGEST

Bjarkman has written the following pair of feature stories for Baseball Digest, baseball's popular monthly newsstand periodical.

"Cooperstown's Existing Latino Vacuum," Baseball Digest (January-February 2017), 50-54.

"Prospect Spotlight — Cuba's Jose Abreu is Baseball's Newest Rookie Sensation," Baseball Digest (July-August 2014), 32-35.