Baseball Cards

Pete Bjarkman is featured as source on back side of special collection of cards honoring Enriquito Diaz's all-time Cuban career base hits record

Sample Uniforms

Alfredo Despaigne signed game-worn jersey from Tawain Intercontinental Cup 2010

National Series Uniform Styles

Vladimir Garcia game-worn jersey WBC III (Japan 2013)

Maels Rodriguez signed jersey from 2001 IBAF World Cup

Frederich Cepeda WBC II Practice Jersey (March 2009)

Alexei Bell Beijing Olympics game-worn jersey (2008)

Eriel Sánchez displays prized World Cup uniform (2007)

Frederich Cepeda game-worn jersey WBC II Mexico (2006)

Frederich Cepeda game-worn Beijing Olympics (August 2008)

Alexei Ramírez National Team Jersey (approximately 2005)

Bjarkman's Collection also includes numerous papier mache Cuban ballplayer figures (Martín Dihigo) designed by artist Alfredo Manzo

Bjarkman Books

“Daring, honest, exceptional… Peter C. Bjarkman has written a must-read primer for anyone considering the truth behind Cuban baseball’s impact on Major League Baseball.” — Ray Otero
No world leader has had the impact on his nation's leading pastime to the same degree that the half-century rule of Fidel Castro would produce in the baseball fanatic island of Cuba.
“Nobody knows more about the intertwining of politics and baseball in Cuba than Peter Bjarkman ...” — Omar Minaya
"Bjarkman delivers the definitive work on Cuban baseball" — Library Journal
Pioneering bilingual editions (English and Spanish volumes) edited by Peter C. Bjarkman and Bill Nowlin and drawn from SABR Biography Project archives on legendary Cuban ballplayers. Features portraits of many of Cuba's most legendary pre- and post-revolution stars.
"Truly a triumph of research and good writing, this gem should be on the reference shelves of any library boasting a serious baseball collection." — Paul Kaplan, Library Journal
"Smoke is visual, visceral energy ... Rarely does a baseball book offer so much ..." — Sports Collectors Digest
"An unrivaled definitive history of the Latino invasion of the North American pastime." —
"A celebration of the powerful grip that America's game has on its millions of fans, and an attempt to recreate baseball history as it lives in our memory and imagination."
Pete Bjarkman also edited the popular early-1990s collection of baseball short stories entitled Baseball & The Game of Life (which appeared in both English and Japanese editions)
An ultimate guide to the top figures (on the court and off) timed for the sports collegiate centennial and also covering the first half-century of the professional game.
The composite story of American collegiate basketball, written on the occasion of the sport's centennial and later reissued in an attractive paperback edition.
Five-decade illustrated history of major league baseball's most successful and popular post-expansion-era franchise
Colorful review of one of pro basketball's most-storied franchises, focusing equally on the Russell-Cousy-Auerbach unparalleled dynasties years during the strife-torn Sixties and the rebirth of glory under Larry Bird and Robert Parrish in the Eighties and Nineties.
Early Bjarkman coffee table pictorial team history volumes include books on the Toronto Blue Jays, Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds and Los Angeles Dodgers (the latter pair published in the Brompton Book's "Baseball Great Dynasties Series).
A quintet (appropriately enough) of pro and college basketball volumes representing the author's free-lance work in the final decade of the 20th century, before the siren-call of baseball in Cuba.
A collection of additional baseball and basketball volumes edited by the author, plus major contributed chapters and a handful of volume "introductions" contributed over the years.
Bjarkman's several dozen SABR BioProject articles (on-line and forthcoming) are all linked here (Cuban and Japanese players). The author's Bios for Cuban big leaguers are also linked above on the separate Cuban Baseball Legends book page.
Nine early Bjarkman authored sports biographies for Young Adult Readers produced in the early and mid-1990s
The author's work has also appeared extensively in Spanish, including numerous journal articles. Several of his books have also been translated into other foreign-language editions (Japanese, French and Polish)


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The BJARKMAN CUBAN UNIFORMS COLLECTION comprises the most extensive displayof game-worn Cuban national team and Cuban League team uniforms currently found anywhere, with most of the jerseys obtained directly from the ballplayers themselves. Included are Cuban uniforms from the World Baseball Classic, Baseball World Cup, and Olympic Games.

Jersey of all-time Cuban League base hits and stolen bases leader Enrique Diaz is a prized Bjarkman collection item

During a dozen-plus years of travels on the Cuban League baseball scene, Pete Bjarkman has amassed the largest and most unique collection of game-worn Cuban national team and league jerseys (including Olympic and WBC jerseys), all destined for eventual donation to a planned Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame in Matanzas, Cuba.

Like authentic game-worn uniform jerseys from major league baseball, Cuban League and Cuban national team jerseys provide a prime collectible and valid historical documentation of the sport's ongoing history. I began acquiring post-revolution Cuban baseball jerseys in 1997 and have now amassed a collection that numbers over 100 samples and constitutes the largest of its kind in existence. This collection, now temporarily housed in Havana and compiled with the knowledge and support of the Cuban Baseball Federation, is intended for eventual donation to a legitimate and secure Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, currently in the earliest planning stages and likely located in the port city of Matanzas, the Cuban version of Cooperstown and Hoboken and site of the "mythical" 1874 first documented Cuban baseball contest.

Included in the current Bjarkman collection are flannels from Cuban League play of the 1960s and 1970s, plus more recent Cuban League jerseys from such notable players as Freddie Cepeda (Beijing Olympics), Yulieski Gourriel (Sancti Spíritus), Osmani Urrutia (Las Tunas), José Ariel Contreras (Pinar del Río), and Kendry Morales (2002 Cuban League All-Star Game). Featured as well are national team jerseys from the late 1990s and early 2000s, including uniforms from the Sydney and Atlanta Olympics, 2001 Taipei World Cup, 2003 Havana World Cup, and 2005 Rotterdam World Cup, and 2006 Havana Olympic Qualifier Tournament. Players included are Omar Linares, Orestes Kindelán, Juan Padilla, Luis Ulacia, Norge Vera, Ariel Pestano, Victor Mesa, Yulieski Gourriel and Alexei Ramírez, among others. The showcase items of this collection are 14game-worn shirts from Cuba's greatest-ever baseball triumphs at the 2006 World Baseball Classic in San Juan and San Diego. These jerseys include those of Pedro Luis Lazo, Federich Cepeda, Vichyohandri Odelín and Ormari Romero. Recent additions are the 2006 Olympic Qualifier Tournament jerseys of Frank Montieth (MVP) and Alex Mayeta, worn in the final game loss versus Team USA, as well as the prized 2008 Beijing Olympic jerseys of Yoandry Urgellés and Freddie Cepeda.

Jerseys of author's Sancti Spíritus favorites, Freddie Cepeda and Yulieski Gourriel

Current Inventory of Bjarkman's Cuban League Collection
List Updated on June 1, 2014

World Baseball Classic III (MLB's WBC 2013)
*Eriel Sánchez (#5 Red Cuba, *Signed)
Yosvani Peraza (#46 White Cuba)
Vladimir García (#34 White Cuba)
Vladimir García (#34 Red Cuba)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red Batting Practice)

World Baseball Classic II (MLB's WBC 2009)
Yosvani Peraza (#46 White Cuba)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red Batting Practice)
Ismel Jiménez (#59 Red Batting Practice)
Alexei Bell (#88 Red Batting Practice)
Alexei Bell (#88 Red Cuba, *not on final 24-man roster)
Rudy Reyes (#11 Red Cuba, *not on final 24-man roster)

World Baseball Classic I (MLB's WBC 2006)
*Yadier Pedroso (#62 White Cuba, *Signed)
Pedro Luis Lazo (#99 Red Cuba)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Cuba)
Rudy Reyes (#11 White Cuba)
Ormari Romero (#19 Red Cuba)
Norberto González (#32 White Cuba)
Vicyohandri Odelín (#23 Red Cuba)
Joan Carlos Pedroso (#14 Red Cuba)
Leslie Anderson (#54 Red Cuba)
Carlos Tabares (#56 Red Cuba)
Juan Carlos Moreno (#42 White Cuba)
Yulieski González (#48 White Cuba)
Yadier Pedroso (#62 White Cuba)
Yosvani Pérez (#81 White Cuba)
Roger Machado (#61 White Cuba)

Olympic Games Cuba Jerseys
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red, 2008 Olympics, Beijing)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White, 2008 Olympics, Beijing)
Alexei Bell (#88 Red, 2008 Olympics, Beijing)
Yoandry Urgellés (#14 White, 2008 Olympics, Beijing)
Juan Padilla (#7 Red, 2000 Olympics, Sydney)
Pedro Perez (Coach) (#30 Red, 1996 Olympics, Atlanta)
Luis Enrique González (Coach) (#37 White, 1996 Olympics, Atlanta)

IBAF Baseball World Cup XXXIX (Panama 2011)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Cuba)

Intercontinental Cup XVII (Taiwan 2010)
*Alfredo Despaigne (#54 White Cuba) (*Signed)

Pre-Mundial World Cup Qualifier (San Juan 2010)
Jonder Martínez (#45 White Cuba)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Cuba)

IBAF Baseball World Cup XXXVIII (Europe 2009)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red Cuba)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Cuba)
Yosvani Peraza (#41 Red Cuba)

IBAF Baseball World Cup XXXVI (The Netherlands, 2005)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Cuba)
Norberto González (#32 White Cuba)

IBAF Baseball World Cup XXXIV (Taiwan 2001)
*Maels Rodriguez (#44 Red Cuba, *Signed)

Pan American Games XIII (Winnipeg 1999)
Isaac Martínez (#61 White Cuba, Game Worn)

Caribbean Series 2014 (Venezuela)
Yulexis LaRosa (#62 Villa Clara Orange)
Ramón Lunar (#66 Villa Clara Orange)

CUBA-USA Friendly Series (Durham, North Carolina 2013)
Erisbel Arruebarruena (#11 Red Cuba)
Victor Mesa, Manager (#32 Red Cuba)
Iriat Chrino (#25 Red Cuba)

Haarlem Baseball (Honkbal) Week (The Netherlands 2012)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Cuba, #700 Haarlem Home Run)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red Cuba, Game Worn)
Yadier Pedroso (#62 White Cuba, Game Worn)
Alexei Bell (#88 White Cuba, Game Worn)
Alexei Bell (#88 Red Cuba)
Alex Guerrero (#7 White Cuba, Game Worn)
Ismel Jiménez (#23 White Cuba, game Worn)
Ismel Jiménez (#23 Red Cuba, Game Worn)
Vladimir García (#34 Red Cuba)

World Port Tournament (Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2013)
Yulieski Gourriel (#10 Red Cuba)
Yulieski Gourriel (#10 White Cuba)
*Erisbel Arruebarruena (#11 Red Cuba, *Signed)
Victor Mesa, Technical Director ($32 Red Cuba)
Yovani Aragón, Manager (#35 White Cuba)

World Port Tournament (Rotterdam, The Netherlands 2011)
Yadier Pedroso (#62 Red Cuba, Championship Game)
Ismel Jiménez (#23 Red Cuba)
Donald Duarte (#14 Red Cuba)
Donald Duarte (#14 White Cuba)
William Saavedra (#28 White Cuba)

World Port Tournament (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2007)
Yosvani Peraza (#41 White Cuba)
Carlos Tabares (#56 White Cuba)
Victor Mesa (#32 Red Cuba, Manager)
Yovani Aragón (#35 White Cuba)
Yovani Aragón (#35 Red Cuba)
Osvaldo Arias (#40 White Cuba)

ALBA Games Jerseys (Venezuela 2011)
Jorge Luis Barcelán (#34 Red Cuba)
Dariel Alvarez (#10 Red Cuba)
Yovani Aragón, Coach (#35 Red Cuba)

National Team Jerseys (General)
*Ismel Jimenez (#23 Red Cuba, *Signed)
Joan Carlos Pedroso (#14 Red Cuba, specific tournament unknown, post-2009 design)
Alexei Bell (#88 Red, from José Huelga Memorial Tournament 2008)
Héctor Olivera (#28 Blue, from José Huelga Memorial Tournament 2008)
Yosvany Peraza (#41 Blue, from José Huelga Memorial Tournament 2008)
José Ariel Contreras (#52 Red, from 2003 Exhibition Series in Mexico)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red, Pre-WBC Mexico Exhibition Series, 2009)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red, specific year unknown)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Red, specific year unknown)
Yulieski Gourriel (#10 Red, specific year unknown)
Osmani Urrutia (#46 White, specific year unknown)
Omar Linares (#10 White, specific year unknown)
Orestes Kindelán (Red #46, specific year unknown)
Eduardo Paret (#2 Red, Pre-WBC Mexico Exhibition Series, 2009)
Eduardo Paret (#2 Red, specific year unknown)
Norge Luis Vera (#20 Red, specific year unknown)
Michel Enríquez (#12 White, specific year unknown)
Ariel Pestano (#8 Red, specific year unknown)
Johan Moncada (#10 Red Cuba, 2008 Junior World Championships)
Yovani Aragón (#35 Red Cuba)
Ernesto Molinet (#7 Red, specific tournament unknown)
Jorge Luis Barcelán (#33Red White, specific tournament unknown)
*Yasser Gómez (#5 Red, specific year unknown, *Signed)
Alexei Ramírez (#21 Red, specific year unknown)
Eriel Sánchez (#5 Red, from World Cup XXXVIII, Taiwan)
*Carlos Tabares (#56 Red, from World Cup XXXIII, Italy), *Signed)
Victor Mesa (#32 Red, specific year unknown)
Joan Carlos Pedroso (#14 Red, specific year unknown)
Norberto González (#32 Red, specific year unknown)
Kendry Morales (#8 White, from World Cup XXXV, Havana)
Yadel Martí (#90 White, from World Cup XXXV, Havana)
Alex Malleta (#65 White, from 2006 Olympic Qualifier, Havana)
Frank Montieth (#28 White, from 2006 Olympic Qualifier, Havana)
Servio Borges (#39 White, from World Cup XIX, Havana)
Antonio González (#10 White Flannel, from World Cup XVII, Santo Domingo)
Luis Ulacia (#1 Red, specific year unknown)

Super League and Miscellaneous Uniforms
Kendry Morales (#8 Blue/​Satin Occidentales, 2000 All-Star Series in Mexico)
Lázaro Vargas (#20 Blue Industriales, unknown tournament in Mexico)
Norberto González (#32 Orange Centrales, Super League 2005)
Andy Morales (#10 Red Cuba, questionable authenticity)
Pedro Luis Lazo (#99 Blue Cuba, unknow national team exhibition)
Yobal Dueñas (#24 Blue Cuba, unknown national team exhibition)
José Ariel Contreras (#52 Green Cuba, unknown national team exhibition)
Rolando Arrojo (#44 Blue Cuba, Junior national team unknown series)
Liván Hernández (#16 Blue Cuba, Junior national team unknown series)
Rey Ordóñez (#2 Blue Cuba, Junior national team unknown series)

National Series Team Jerseys (1970s-2010s)
Alfredo Despaigne (#54 Blue Granma,2011 NS#50, Game Worn)
Rusney Castillo (#38 Blue-Red Ciego de Avila, 2013 NS#52, Signed)
Enrique Diaz (#1 White Metropolitanos, 2012 NS#51, Game Worn)
Enrique Diaz (#1 White Metropolitanos, 2012 NS#51)
Enrique Diaz (#1 Red Metropolitanos, 2012 NS#51)
Yasmani Tomas (#24 Blue Industriales, 2013 NS#52)
Joan Carlos Pedroso (#14 Green Las Tunas, 2012 NS#51)
Yasel Puig (#14 Green Cienfuegos, 2011 NS#50)
Alexei Bell (#88 Red Santiago de Cuba, 2010 NS#49)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 White Sancti Spíritus, 2010 NS#49)
Frederich Cepeda (#24 Orange Sancti Spíritus, 2007 NS#46)
Osmani Urrutia (#46 Green Las Tunas, mid-2000s)
Yulieski Gourriel (#10 Blue Sancti Spíritus, 2004 NS#43)
Norge Luis Vera (#20 White Santiago de Cuba, 2007 NS#46)
Alexei Ramírez (#2 Green Pinar del Río, 2007 NS#46)
Yosvani Peraza (#41 Green Pinar del Río, 2008 NS#47)
Yoandry Urgellés (#14 White Industriales, 2007 NS#46)
Alex Malleta (#55 White Industriales, 2007 NS#46)
Rey Anglada (#36, Blue Industriales, manager, 2008 NS#47)
José Ariel Contreras (#52 Green Pinar del Río, early 2000s)
José Ariel Contreras (#52 White Pinar del Río, early 2000s)
Ciro Silvino Licea (#62 Grey Granma, 2005 NS#44)
Yovany Aragón (#35 Orange Sancti Spíritus, 2008 NS#47)
Yobal Dueñas (#24 White Pinar del Río, early 2000s)
Pavel Quesada (#7 Green Cienfuegos, 2007 NS#46)
Eduardo Leal (#5 Red Agropecuarios, mid-1980s)
Adolfo Borrell (#24 Grey Flannel Azucareros, mid-1970s)
Adolfo Borrell (#13 Green Cienfuegos, late 1980s)
Adolfo Borrell (#13 Tan Las Villas, mid-1980s)
Yoire Fombona (#13 Grey Flannel Granjeros, mid-1980s)
Rolando Valdés (#38 Grey Flannel Azucareros, late-1960s)
Victor Eugelles (#15 Grey Flannel Camagüey, mid-1970s)
*Julio Romero (#23 Green Pinar del Río, coach, 1990s), *Signed)
Alfonso Urquiola (#8 Green Pinar del Río, manager, 1990s)
Reinaldo Linares (#26 Grey Flannel Industriales, late-1960s)
Reinaldo Linares (#26 Grey Flannel Constructores, late-1960s)
Estéban Galbán (#17 Red Metropolitanos, mid-1980s)
César Valdés (#37 Grey Flannel Las Villas, mid-1970s)
Antonio Scull (#52 Blue Industriales, early 2000s)
Rolando Viera (#44 Blue Industriales, early 2000s)
Alex Villegas (#50 Green Camagüey, early 2000s)
Luis Fernández (#10 Red Henequeneros, mid-1980s)
Luis Fernández (#10 Yellow Henequeneros, mid-1980s)
Armando Dueñas (#6 White Citricultores, 1990s)
Mario Véliz (#22 Blue Habana Province, 1980s)
also various Cuban League jerseys with no player names

Japanese Professional League Jersey
Omar Linares (#38 White Cunichi Dragons, 2002)

MLB Cuban Jerseys
Carlos Tosca (#14 White Toronto Blue Jays, manager 2004)

Pre-Revolution Uniform (1954 Professional Winter League)
#Alejandro Crespo (#23 Cream Flannel Cienfuegos, shirt/​pants) (#complete uniform)

Bjarkman's collection of Alfredo Manzo papier mache figures includes images of Martín Dihigo, Che (non-baseball), Fidel (Barbudos pitcher), Roberto Clemente, Conrado Marrero, Dolf Luque, Eduardo Paret, Germán Mesa, Kendry Morales, Maels Rodríguez, Omar Linares, Oscar Macías, Juan Manríque, and José Contreras, among others.