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“Daring, honest, exceptional… Peter C. Bjarkman has written a must-read primer for anyone considering the truth behind Cuban baseball’s impact on Major League Baseball.”—Ray Otero
"A celebration of the powerful grip that America's game has on its millions of fans, and an attempt to recreate baseball history as it lives in our memory and imagination."
“Nobody knows more about the intertwining of politics and baseball in Cuba than Peter Bjarkman ...”—Omar Minaya
"Bjarkman delivers the definitive work on Cuban baseball"—Library Journal
"Smoke is visual, visceral energy ... Rarely does a baseball book offer so much ..."—Sports Collectors Digest
"... this gem is truly a triumph of research and good writing ..."—Library Journal
"An unrivaled definitive history of the Latino invasion of the North American pastime."—
Five-decade illustrated history of major league baseball's most successful and popular post-expansion-era franchise
Nine early Bjarkman authored volumes on basketball history, including a popular illustrated history of the Boston Celtics and what some in the late-1990s called a definitive history of college basketball
Nine early Bjarkman authored sports biographies for Young Adult Readers produced in the early and mid-1990s


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Traveling Through Cuba and Beyond

"If travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly because it's a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end." — Pico Iyer, "Why We Travel"

I discovered the hidden universe of Cuban League baseball in February 1997, during my first research trip to the communist island with Mark Rucker. It couldn't have come at a better time, since I like so many traditional fans had become by the mid-nineties quite jaded about a major league baseball world cheapened by noisy spectacle, greedy players, and profit-minded club owners. Increasingly distasteful was the MLB fare of disconnected and overprice superstar celebrities, supermall stadiums, and a big league game filled with the din of rock music and endless commercialism. Suddenly opened before me in February 1997 was a new baseball universe which retained all the cherished pastoral pleasures, childlike-enthusiasms, intimate ballparks and raw excitement of the game that Americans had once celebrated a half-century ago. American professional baseball is a staged entertainment spectacle (truly a circus) while Cuban baseball remains an untarnished game.

For the past decade I have become a relentless convert to the world of Cuban League baseball. It is indeed a unique universe in which all the ballclubs represent geographinal regions, ballplayers remain afixed to their native province clubs and are never traded, all players receive equivalent salaries, and the athletes truly play for love of the sport and not for economic reward. My ten years of travel in Cuba have taken me to all the island's league ballparks and to more than one hundred Cuban League games; I have followed the Cuban national team to dozens of international tournament games (most recently the World Cup in Rotterdam and the World Baseball Classic in San Juan and San Diego); and I have had the rare opportunity to make numerous media appearances in Cuba commenting on the island's cherished national pastime. In February 2001 my extensive studio interview on Cubavision with commentator Carlos Hernández Luján represented an historic first-ever appearance of an American on Cuban national television to comment "live" on Cuban League baseball.

"No Reservations Cuba" with Anthony Bourdain

In March 2011 author Peter Bjarkman appeared in the Havana episode of chef Anthony Bourdain's popular "No Reservations" — a regular Travel Channel feature aired for eight seasons. Bjarkman appears in three episode scenes — visiting a Havana little league championship baseball match with Tony, interpreting for Tony during a lively discussion of the Cuban national pastime with fans in Havana's historic Central Park, and attending a Cuban League game with Tony in historic Latin American Stadium. Links are provided in the left-side column of this page for several episodes as well as for the YouTube posting of the entire program. "No Reservations Cuba" first aired on July 11, 2011 and is now available as part of the "Anthony Bourdain No Reservations Collection 7" DVD (subtitled as "Forbidden Detour to Cuba and Beyond").

Freelance author Peter C. Bjarkman has been branded as the "Peter Gammons and Bill James of Cuban baseball" and is the leading internet commentator on the Cuban national pastime. Bjarkman has been observing baseball throughout Cuba (with over 40 trips to the island) and trailing the Cuban national team to major international tournaments since the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The author appears regularly on www. and numerous other related internet sites covering international baseball.

Internet Baseball Columns

Bjarkman began writing for during coverage of the July 2007 Pan American Games and has been the featured columnist for that leading site (writing mainly in English) for the past three years. He has also maintained a presence as baseball commentator for such Cuba-based on-line outlets as Havana Times (English and Spanish on-line pages), the IBAF (International Baseball Federation) website, the Prensa Latina English-language page, and the Radio COCO Havana website. Interested readers are invited to visit Peter C. Bjarkman's ongoing Cuban baseball commentaries and analyses regularly found at numerous American (USA), European and Cuban-based website links.

Press Stories Promoting Peter C. Bjarkman

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4. “Un batazo que estremeció también a México” (by Raúl Arce) in: Juventud Rebelde (March 12, 2009), 7. (Cuban press story discussing Bjarkman’s predictions for WBC II)
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