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A collection of books, journals, and anthologies edited over the years by the author, or containing significant chapters and introductions writer by Bjarkman. The Meckler team history volumes (available in original hardcover and paperback editions (republished by Carroll & Graf), as well as the SABR International Pastime Volume (produced to overlap with the 1996 Atlanta Olympics baseball tournament) as now much-dated but represent some of the author's earliest ventures.


Meckler Books Team History Encyclopedias (Edited)

Edited and with more than a dozen individual Bjarkman chapters

Originally published in hardcover by Meckler Books (1991) the volumes were reissued in paperback format two years later, with a replacement chapter on the Philadelphia Phillies and added sections on the expansion Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies (all three new chapters by Bjarkman). The Bjarkman contributions to the two volumes contain the following chapters:

Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball: National League
Introduction: Breaking Traditions in the Senior Circuit
Brooklyn Dodgers - Los Angeles Dodgers: From Daffiness Dodgers to the Boys of Summer and the Myth of America's Team
Cincinnati Reds: Cincinnati's Hometown Game, from the Red Stockings to the Big Red Machine
Montreal Expos: Bizarre New Diamond Traditions North of the Border
Philadelphia Phillies: Swooning in the Shadow of the Miracle Whiz Kids (Carroll & Graf Edition)
Colorado Rockies: Rocky Mountain High, For Awhile (Carroll &Graf Edition)
Florida Marlins: Baseball's Big Splash in the Caribbean (Carroll & Graf Edition)

Encyclopedia of Major League Baseball: AmericanLeague
Introduction: Historical Perspectives on the Junior Circuit
Toronto Blue Jays: Okay, Blue Jays! First Worst to First in a Decade
Washington Senators - Minnesota Twins: Expansion-Era Baseball Comes to the American League
Washington Senators - Texas Rangers: There Are No Dragons in Baseball, Only Shortstops

SABR International Pastime Special Edition (Edited)

Under Construction

Dutch Baseball Jubilee Anthology (Contributed Chapter)

The elegant oversized coffee table volume was published in limited edition by the Dutch Baseball Federation (2012) in celebration of the sport's hundred year history in The Lowlands and on the occasion of the surprising Dutch championship over the favored Cubans in the final IBAF World Baseball Cup matches in Panama (September 2011). Entitled Hondrad Jaar KNBSB: EEUW MET GOUDEN GLANS, The volume contains a single English-language chapter by invited author Peter C. Bjarkman ("The Orangemen Arrive at the Pinnacle of International Baseball" pp. 20-25). Full PDF copy of the Bjarkman can be downloaded from the page left column

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings (Introduction)

"The dusky men who proudly strutted their stuff up upon the diamonds of black professional baseball during the 1930s and 1940s suffered a double stroke of cruelest fate. During the various summers of their greatest glories, while they earned their stardom on sandlots and in rickety municipal ballparks from California to Cuba, a generation of dark-skinned Babe Ruths and Lefty Groves and Ty Cobbs, except for reports of their exploits in the black press, were known largely only to the ghetto-bound black fans who spread their legendary feats through word of mouth alone. Few statistics were recorded or retained to immortalize their larger than life diamond exploits, and fewer printed records, still, remain to sanctify their forgotten legends." from Peter C. Bjarkman's INTRODUCTION to a new paperback edition of William Brashler's epic classic novel (1993, University of Illinois Press)

Early U.S. Blackball Teams in Cuba (Foreword)

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Arriba Baseball: A Collection of Latino Baseball Fiction (Introduction)

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Total Basketball (Early History Chapter)

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